Travelling to Delhi

Delhi is an Indian metropolis of over sixteen million residents, a teeming, foreign Gotham. It is one of the ten largest metropolitan areas in the world, offers a dazzling array of sites and attractions, alluring nightlife, dining and worthwhile visits from travelling tourists. Visiting Delhi is a rewarding adventure to the Indian sub-continent, with an English-speaking indigenous people and a wonderful blend of local and global culture.

Dining in Delhi is an adventure all to itself. Half the adventure can be seeking out Western fare, but doing so neglects the charms and delights of dining in Delhi. Mughlai and Northern Indian are the dominant local fare, drawn from the Mughal Empire which dominated the region from the sixteen hundreds until the mid-eighteen hundreds. Mughlai food is characterized by strong and mild spices, some extremely hot, even by Indian standards, and is often served as a diverse buffet of distinct foods and their accompaniments. Foreign dining options have expanded in Delhi recently, with Mexican, English, American and many other restaurants serving up their national cuisines with varying degrees of success. Visiting an exotic new land, though, just about demands savouring the local diet, and Delhi presents a unique opportunity for the gastronomically-oriented. A word to Western visitors unfamiliar with foreign dining, though: avoiding street vendors may be wise. Most restaurants adhere to Western food service and hygienic standards, and should present no problems to travellers concerned with their health and comfort. 

Delhi is an ancient, historic city. Perched on the Yamuna River, Delhi has been a settled site since at least the sixth century B.C., possibly as far back as prior to two thousand B.C., and is considered one of the oldest cities in the world, rivalling Varanasi and Damascus for duration of settlement. Straddling the trade routes between Northern India and the Ganges floodplain, Delhi is the home of many pre-historic, medieval and more recent archaeological sites of interest, as well as presenting a modern multi-cultural, diverse city. The ruins of seven distinct settlements are found within the greater Delhi region, marking it as one of the historic hubs of Indian culture and civilization.

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