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India is a country with varied climate and diverse culture. India, no doubt is the only country that offers different kinds of tourism.India is a great countary of contrast , with a pssionating past and a very bright future.Do not be worried about living conditions in India. The 5-star and 4-star hotels are of international standards and the soothe and cooking they offer compare with any in the world.India is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with so many majestic colors that can floor visitors at each and every step. India is someone whom you can trust and can have a wonderful trip to this mystifying land.The people of india they were very polite and actually know how to welcome a guest and not only that They’ll help you get to your destination, introduce you to the character of your chosen destination, and give you a solid foundation to bring home memories that you will cherish for a lifetime.An India Tour is the amalgamation of contemporary and the old that makes this land an open air ‘state of the art’ facility proffering myriad colors to all the travelers. From North to South India, visitors come across fascinating diversities in languages, appearances, dressing style, infrastructure and way of living of its inhabitants, but one thing that runs common in this country is its purity and spiritual aura that makes this land very special.So step into the world of splendid colors, wide-open spaces and unusual cultural treasures. In India be ready to be charmed when you see wonderful monuments, heritage temples and the lively celebrations of Indian festivals. Be fascinated by the sight of the unearthly Taj Mahal in Agra. India is a land replete with monuments, history, culture, hotels, festivity and color.

The weather in India is very pleasant during winter i.e from October onwards. So, if you are from Cold weather Country, you feel glad after reaching here.Water is one thing we all spend mindlessly on. It is important to have clean water to drink but instead of spending endlessly on bottled water, try getting carrying water with you – it will be much cheaper. In some countries it is possible to refill bottles with purified water. This not only reduces the number of plastic bottles you use but can also work out much cheaper. The local people could be helpfull that time and you can save your money without compromising with your health.Boiling water is the safest way to make it safe to drink as it kills all common water borne pathogens. If you have the facilities to boil water when you’re travelling you can reduce your need to use bottles.

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