The Flawless Planning of Chandigarh Upheld by its Luxury Hotels

Lying in the foothills of the Shivalik range, Chandigarh is one of the premium cities of India that exhibits flawless planning in its layout. The city is the realization of a dream envisaged by Pandit Nehru and executed by the renowned French architect Le Corbusier. Beautifully groomed gardens and well laid out streets and roads adorn the city in an elegant manner.

A number of tourists travel to the city, mainly from September to March when the weather is much tempered and comfortable. Being a Union Territory as well as the capital of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh has immense political, social and economic significance. Thus, for all the right reasons the city is an important urban centre of the nation. For both business and leisure stays, hotels in Chandigarh play the most generous hosts.

The tourist attractions of the city are many. The planning of the city itself demands a visit as it is done in such a way that the stirs of an urban centre is least perceived. The lush of the green parks that throng Chandigarh ushers in an aspect of tranquility and eco-friendliness. There are other interesting aspects of the city that exemplify the innovation and creativity of its master minds. The Rock Garden is completely made out of urban and industrial wastes, being too beautiful and impressive for such building material. The Open Hand which is a giant hand made out of metal sheets work like a weather cock and is quite a joy to behold. The Sukhana Lake that lies in the foot of the Shivaliks is a large man-made lake excellent for picnic and water sports like yachting, skiing, etc. The world’s longest straight gravity dam, the Bhakra Nangal is a must-see feature of Chandiagarh. The Cactus Garden is significant for its botanical importance and the Pinjore Garden is a superb retreat for relaxation.

The hotels in Chandigarh are the perfect accommodations to explore the richness of the Punjabi culture. There are few other cultures on the planet like them who live out their lives to the full. Music, dance and festivities are inevitable for these open-minded people to move on. Punjabi cuisines are the favorites that appear on every restaurant menus across the country. Wheat based breads baked in earthen tandoors enriched with butter or ghee are irresistible Punjabi foods. The side-dishes predominantly made of pulses, cheese, leafy vegetables and chicken are spicy and savory that perfectly enhance the taste of the breads.

Reaching the city is not difficult as it is well-connected to all the major cities of India by rail, road and air. It is even easier to find a hotel near Chandigarh airport. Supplemented with all the modern amenities, the city is a perfect getaway for a holiday as well as a seamless rendezvous for business purposes.

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