Swap To A Holiday in France

If you want to leave the country this year but are hoping to save your pennies in the curtrent economic slump, then it seems France is the destination of choice for brits. Bookings have raised thirty one percent compared to last year, as we choose the country over areas like North Africa and the Middle East, due to the rising unrest in these areas.

The average price of a holiday to France this year comes in at just over five hundred and fifty pounds, whereas a comparative holiday in Italy will cost you over nine hundred pounds. Despite this, Italy has also seen a rise in bookings by fifteen percent, as people prefer to stay in safer areas nearer to home.

Bookings to Egypt which is normally a popular destination with UK tourists down to the value for money, have dropped by thirty percent, and Tunisia is suffering due to the political unrest that is bubbling. These have been tried and tested popular tourist areas in the past, but it seems that people would prefer to err on the side of caution and take a trip to a place that was a little safer.

It doesn’t help that airline taxes have increased and other taxes to long haul destinations have been hiked, and it can be seen in the nineteen percent drop to Caribbean islands.

Other ways for you to save money on your trip is to take a staycation; a holiday where you stay in the UK and visit some of the popular destinations here like the Lake District of Bournemouth.

The biggest factor in booking a holiday is price, as people set a budget and need spending money too, so people are choosing to stay closer to home. If you are looking to save some money then consider making small changes like changing your destination from Greece to turkey. Swapping to the neighbouring country could save you nearly one hundred and fifty pounds. Other great ways of saving money are shopping around for your currency to make sure you are getting the best conversion rate, and going online to Compare Travel Insurances to ensure that you are shaving money off in this way.


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