Spend Your Money and Holidays on the Cote d’Azur a.k.a. French Riviera

Cote d’Azur which is the French for French Riviera is the Mediterranean coastline of the south of France. This place which is a major area for yachting and cruising is also an international tourist destination with several beaches, golf courses, ski resorts and thousands of restaurants.

The coastline which possesses a Mediterranean climate has two seasons in the year, a sunny and dry summer and a mild winter. But the interesting thing is that between two locations one can perceive vast differences between the climates. Following from the south-west to north-east there are various tourist places that include Antibes, Cannes, Cassis, Nice, Manton, Monaco etc which are famous for their natural beauty, beaches, nineteenth century villas, museums and international activities in Monaco for the formula one grand prix race and Monte Carlo automobile rally, Nice for carnivals and jazz festivals and Cannes for its film festival.

These all make this area a perfect vacation place for leisure activities. French Riviera is definitely one of the busiest and best holiday destinations in the world because of its international appeal. So people from all over the world go for trips and tours to French Riviera. In the winter they come to sightsee and ski and in the summer for the various festivals, to sunbath and play on the coastline.

And to make a visit easier and cheaper, they come with several schemes. One of them is the French Riviera privilege card, which is creating a buzz in the tourism sector since its inception. This card provides tourists with serious discounts on various venues and activities and all they have to do is buy a card and show it at the place they want a reduction.

The card which has been incepted for this coastal area specifically is the first of its kind on the French Riviera and offers the user a large variety of discount offers, making it certain that the user gets the most of the opportunities available. And these opportunities include money off on shows, museum visits, restaurants, bars, shops, adventure sports and special events among other things, valid for the whole family.

The French Riviera Privilege Card which can be purchased online or can be brought from the French Riviera outlets comes in different flavours. The time span of the visit can range from a couple of days to a couple of months. The opportunities and discounts can be checked on the site of the card and it is been regularly updated with better offers.

French Riviera-Cote d’Azur holidays may be a lifelong memory and if you are thinking of a great vacation ahead be there and enjoy yourself, and one more thing before packing your bags-

Do not forget to buy this discount card before visiting the French Riviera.

The French Riviera Privilege Card is the most exciting discount card on Visiting the French Riviera allowing you to save and enjoy some of the best places on the Holidays French Riviera.

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