Safety Controls for Hotels

It is not very comforting for travelers to be in fear of being mugged or harmed for petty things when seeking temporary lodging. When a traveler chooses a hotel, security is an obvious priority. If you are a hotel owner, you need to ensure that your premises are completely safe for your customers. Hotels and motels have been advantageous for those seeking lucrative opportunities for robberies. Assault, vandalism and theft are regular occurrences associated with hotels.

You need security cameras which are technologically advanced and have been designed to provide your customers and staff with a secure environment. A wise hotelier will always have surveillance devices installed in strategic places such as the reception area, doorways, hallways, swimming pool area, gyms and other areas that allow thorough monitoring of the activities of customers and staff. This is also a way of clearly conveying a message to trouble makers that they could be in hot water if they create any disturbances.

A Positive Message for Your Customers

A surveillance camera in the reception area can record the faces of all incoming and outgoing customers. These cameras are highly efficient and provideĀ  24 hour monitoring with the convenience of control from a single PC through the internet. They can provide the facility of controlling 32 cameras at the same time with the ability to view live footage across the entire network. The high resolution images can be used as good prosecution evidence to identify perpetrators in the case of any unfortunate incidents.

With a network camerathere is no escape for perpetrators, even in areas that are insufficiently illuminated. These cameras have been fitted with high powered lenses and illuminators that can capture any image in any condition and even work very well at night. Its pan/tilt and zoom features facilitate close-up views of any area without moving the device. This device is so convenient to install that it can be mounted on any wall or ceiling. With the network camera your customers will be indebted for the security measures that you have provided for their safety.

Check Your Employees’ Footsteps

Unfortunately employees have been known to also take part in secretive misconduct, like stealing the belongings of customers or from hotel stocks. You can keep tab on any errant employees by having the surveillance cameras installed in maintenance areas, closets and storerooms. The cameras can help you highlight any employees who are liabilities to your business and take any necessary punitive actions. The network camera’s tamper detection features make it impossible for employees to manipulate the equipment.

The internet camerais accompanied by motion detecting features that can detect the temperatures emitted by objects in the vicinity and alert you only when required, thus avoiding false triggers. The digital camera can help keep watch over the entire premises and warn you of any negative occurrence so you can take prompt action. These cameras can be easily installed either indoors or outdoors. Thus vulnerable areas like parking areas and swimming pools can be under constant scrutiny with the help of the internet camera.

Since there are so many different types of people visiting hotels and motels, there is always the possibility of unpredictable behaviors or unfortunate situations. Compromising on safety measures at the expense of your customers and your property can cost you a heavy price.

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