Paris Travel Guide – A Short Trip to Paris

Paris, the capital of France is one of the most significant and prominent cities in the world. It is the heart of international business and also a leading aesthetic center. It is a dominating factor in international education, politics, media, fashion, science and arts as well. Either you are a hopeless romantic or a passionate lover, or simply a lover of the nature, Paris is the place for you. A gleaming city of hope and love that sparkles with activity every time you choose to visit it.

Landmarks and Monuments: There are many significant landmarks in Paris, the main one being Eiffel Tower which is the favorite destination of lovers but there are many other world famous monuments which you might have not even heard about. Moulin Rouge, for instance, is a place that is very famous with tourists. Disneyland would surely cater to all the needs of your children and make them enjoy every bit of their time spent in Paris. The Champs-Elysees Avenue is another major tourist attraction which every visitor would fall in love with. There is also a gothic cathedral and a monument which has been built to pay tribute to the warriors who fought for France. These avenues must be visited to get a feel of the place.

Parks and Gardens: There is a copiousness of delightful parks and gardens in Paris. Whether you love flowers, greenery or plainly a little fresh air, you must luxuriate by taking random trips to these heavenly escapes from your fast paced life to enjoy the state of nirvana. Tuileries Garden on the banks of Seine is blissful experience if you can afford to let go of all your worries and sigh a breath of relief amongst this lush green garden. Left Bank Luxembourg is another garden known for its beauty, charm and splendor. These parks are extraordinarily popular with travelers.

Entertainment, Arts and Museums: No one can be unfamiliar with the popularity of Paris in this regard. World’s largest opera houses, ballets and shows have been consistently hosted by Paris. Getting a single glimpse of the places where these pioneers were shot is an achievement in itself. Theatres, dance clubs and various such activities have been initiated in Paris a long time ago.

Famous Industries:  Paris is a pioneer when it comes to the field of fashion or beauty. The perfume making industries, fashion market and making of various accessories that somehow relate to this field describes Paris in the simplest way possible. Being a vehement traveler, I know every visitor aspires to make their own perfume with their individual choices of fragrances; this dream has a chance to come true in the confines of this enchanting city. Paris, as we know it, is the perfect blend of all the cultures, fashion and traditions pervasive in this world.

A Word Of Advice: Paris is a destination that stands unparalleled even with all the advancement in technology in different parts of the world. If you are looking for a romantic destination, a tranquil holiday or a respite from tedious work, there is only one panacea and that is Paris.

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