Light weight leisure shoes

Leisure shoes should be light weight and should make you feel as if you are floating and not walking. It should make you feel as light as air even with the shoes on. Of course wants to carry the brisk feeling of office to outing or when on vacation, the new technology used in making shoes have been able to accomplish that.

To some extent crocs have achieved it, but it is more like a slipper and do not help while climbing up a rocky area or walking on dirt filled road. They have their limitations though we do not deny its lightness on the feet. But our idea is shoes should make you relax and should be able to breathe. There should be enough ventilation for air circulation inside your shoes.

With Nike free air passage is possible but it is a heavy shoe as it is mostly used for the purpose of sports and do not support the idea of leisure walking. We want a shoe that is somewhere in between both crocs and Nike.

A shoe that can serve the purpose of both to give you sprint in walk and tireless foot while on run. This is what we categorize as leisure shoes. Today technology has advanced a lot and we can get shoes which reduce sweating by 50% and are especially designed for the summers, so that you can enjoy summer sport without any problem and continue to enjoy the season.

More over these shoes are so advanced that you can do a machine wash without any difficulty and be relaxed. Hand cleaning used to take a lot of time, how I despised the act of cleaning my running shoes. You cannot even machine wash your crocs, though it is easy to clean it and wear too. It gives the stride you are looking for but with certain calculated limitations, so you pick that if you do not like much sport. Then it would be a great purchase.

But if you are an athlete and like to run and enjoy your leisure activities, then think beyond your Nike free of dirt and trapped air. There are other shoes available in the market which is based on the same technology as Nike and same features except that they are light as feather. The light in weight reduces half of your tense and tired muscles and you are ready for the next adventure sport.

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