Leisure travel in Oman


Tourism has today become a popular global leisure activity. The global scenario of high pressure jobs coupled with high double incomes has made traveling to exotic locales of the world a possibility for couples and families. Besides internet connectivity and mass media have whipped up the curiosity of the people the world over, turning the most mundane traveler into a savvy globetrotter. The traveler of today is far more adventurous and refuses to go down the beaten track. So, saving up for a luxurious vacation is more popular than budget travels to faraway countries. Leisure travel in Oman offers a good blend of the exotic locales and adventure to make it a hot spot travel destination.

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East, Oman has a lot to offer in terms of traditional-rich heritage and modern infrastructure and outlook, which make travel a delight. As the land of the famed exotic Bedouin tribe, Oman boasts of some extraordinary forts and traditional architecture. However, it is Oman’s diverse natural beauty that mainly attracts tourists. From spectacularly beautiful beaches to the textured mountain ranges, Oman has all it takes to satisfy the most seasoned traveler.

Muscat, the capital, is a lovely port city with a beautiful bay, which offers modern infrastructure, quaintly blended with its traditional souks and protuguese fort. Masirah‘s palm-strewn island oases with its picture perfect beaches that are the nesting sites for turtles and home to other aquatic species, is a popular destination to experience raw nature. While a visit to the Wadi Shab is like a walk through paradise. Beyond the breathtaking entrance, the Wadi rewards you with views of aquamarine pools, waterfalls and terraced plantations while kingfishers add splashes of colour.

The Government of Oman fully understands the benefits of tourism, and promotes leisure travel in Oman as a major industry. Thanks to the thriving tourism industry, Oman has a range of fantastic hotels, communication and transportation networks, which make travel and stay easy in the country. There are many resorts and spas that boast of luxury and amenities that suitably pamper you making your stay a memorable one. Besides this, there are good tour operators who very efficiently design itineraries that help you explore the country as per your areas of interest. The people of Oman are friendly and eager to help you experience their culture and heritage. All in all, leisure travel in Oman today can give you the most gratifying experience, and an opportunity to live a page out of the famous legend of the thousand Arabian nights.

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