Learn French Fast before Travelling

If you’re heading to a Francophone country, you’ll definitely want to pick up some of the language. Learning French in classroom exercises is usually too slow and too ineffective to provide the rapid learning travelers need. To meet those needs, there are better products on the market. Any good language product should involve two things: immersion and fun. Without both, the language lessons will be ineffective and likely very tedious. French is a language best understood by listening, as its writing conventions are very complex and much different than those of English, though the languages have much in common where the spoken forms are concerned.

You can learn French fast by simply listening to people speak it in the context of a story. You’ll hear common words and phrases over and over again and this will help reinforce the most important parts of the language to you. After all, most of what you say to people in casual conversations is largely the same: “Hello”; “How are you?”; “Where are you from?”; phrases such as these are heavily used in every language. By hearing native speakers say them repeatedly, you learn to hear them as entire phrases and thoughts, not as abstract collections of foreign words.

When you listen and learn French, you learn more than any phrasebook could ever teach you. Your understanding of the words and phrases you learn becomes visceral, as you’ve learned them in the context of a story with engaging characters and action. This means that you won’t be struggling to think of how to reply to a common question. You can just remember how the character in the story did it. You’ll also learn to be sensitive to the sound of the language, which is immensely useful when you’re using the phone to communicate.

If you want to learn French fast, it’s best to seek out products that will immerse you in the language. Immersing you in a compelling story is the best way to go about this. The language, when you hear it used in this way, becomes more of an experience than a new item to learn. It also allows you to better understand subtleties like inflection and emphasis. Where French is concerned, these aspects of the language are vital, but not readily apparent to foreign speakers. Stories can help you pick those aspects of French up much more quickly.

Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of LanguageandLyrics.com, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit LanguageandLyrics.com to see how learning French can be easy and fun.