Kind of Transportation in France

Think of France as part of a holiday in the coming months? It is important to plan a route, but you’re on the road, and knowledge of French legislation on speed to meet.

France is known for the quality of road infrastructure, and you will see that this is the perfect place for self-drive! French roads are:

Highway or car line “prefix in the street. Remember that most cars Lane toll roads marked with blue signs, like the United Kingdom. Auto-route marked in green signs is not paid. It should be noted that urban areas are generally free.
Remember that if your ticket does not want the documents for entry fee and you pay when you leave the toll road is “low.” Make sure that enough? Euro coins with you, they are very useful when it is cool!
Note that the tracks are very strict in France under control – and pull in the right lane, where a lot of space!
Highway known as national route and a prefix “N”. If you do not pay a toll can be a useful alternative to a cruise, if you leave in a hurry to sail! You are standing on the road.
Small Street to “D”, rating. Known as a way of Alive, they deserve to be there.
Routes of communalism will be classified “C”. This is a local street and not in the best standard.
General rules of the road in France
The drive on the right side of the road.
The age of 18 years in management.
Ensure visibility jacket and warning triangle in the car.
All passengers have seat belts, and the law requires the use of child seats. Children under 10 will not sit on a chair.
Speed limits as follows:
(a) 50 km in urban areas
(b) 90 km of highway
(C) 110 km of expressways, and
(d) 130 km journey by car.

There are a lot of speed traps on main routes, and thus within. On the spot fines are common, but not against the law!

The best way to go, the roads in France, you get used to since the rental car to find the attractions of the French at their own pace to visit.


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