How to Learn French Fast at Home

Most language learning materials concentrate on rote exercises. These are great, if all you need to learn about the language is how to say “Good Morning”, how to order at a restaurant and how to ask where your hotel is. For real language skills, there are better ways to go. You can listen and learn French from materials that introduce novel situations into the affair. For instance, you may learn how to ask where the hotel and hospital is when you use rote materials, but will you be able to understand the answer when someone tells you? Good language learning materials provide much more of a foundation than rote learning and phrasebooks.

If you want to learn French fast, you have to jump into linguistic waters that are a bit over your head. This challenges you with the same type of problems that you’ll face when you start using your newly-acquired language skills. For instance, when you ask a French speaker a question, they’re not going to articulate every word and they’re not going to answer you in academy French. They’re going to answer like real people answering a real question, and you’re going to need to be able to understand them.

When you learn French in classroom settings, you’ll oftentimes find yourself conversing only with other French students, who may or may not speak the language correctly. They’ll also be speaking to you in a very heavy English-speaking accent, which distorts the sound of the language. There are materials that can help you to do better than this, right in your own home. They concentrate on storytelling and music to get the language across to you. They also challenge you to follow along with people who are speaking naturally, which is exactly what you need to learn to do.

When you listen and learn French, your brain is forced to keep up. This is almost the intellectual equivalent of weight training, where you force your muscles to take on a heavy load again and again. Over time, they adapt and become stronger. Challenging your mind to understand French, not to translate it word for word as you hear it, is an important step in developing actual fluency. It also helps you to learn French fast and this means you’re ready to tackle the French-speaking world in a shorter amount of time, and with greater skill.

Dr.Dennis Dunham has over 25 years in international education experience and is a co-creator of, a website designed to help you learn French the right way. If you’ve tried every language product out there and haven’t made progress, visit to see how learning French can be easy and fun.

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