Grenoble & the jet fighter

Come to Lyon for the food and the jet. Indeed, you can experience a jet fighter ride from Grenoble from time to time as some operator brings the aircraft into the airport. And this is the perfect timing to get into the city’s culture and food, one of the best in France. Situated beneath mountains where the Drac and Isère Rivers meet, Grenoble has been called “The Capital of the Alps’. The most famous event in its history is the Day of the Tiles (7 June 1788, when roof tiles were the citizens’ Weapon of choice), which saw an uprising against the troops of Louis XVI, an event credited with being the first “action” of the French Revolution. A reminder of historic Grenoble is the La Bastille fortification overlooking the city. Medieval in origin, it became the most extensive 19th-century defense work in France. It is reached by a quirky Cable car system across the Isère River, and offers a superb view of city and mountains. Grenoble is a university city renowned for scientific excellence, but also has heavy industries. Ironically, this isn’t the place to sip clean mountain air – the valley location traps pollution. Winter activities centre on snow sports in the surrounding mountains, whilst in summer hiking is the norm. The heart of the city is Place-Saint-André, containing the former parliament building (the ancient Palais de Justice) and France’s second-oldest coffee shop – the Café de la Table Rond, established in 1739. The square hosts regular markets and is surrounded by a network of narrow streets and more intimate squares. The elegant Place du Verdun is what one would expect to receive from central casting if ‘a perfect French provincial square’ was ordered. It has trees, a circular fountain, the occasional cyclist and grand buildings, notably the old city library But this is a lively modern city of culture. The Musée de Grenoble has an extensive art collection (paintings and sculpture) in an impressive purpose-designed building. In the former 19th century warehouse known as Le Magazin, contemporary artists push the boundaries…hard! With regards to the jet fighter rides, they are done in a Hawker Hunter. Flying the Hunter is not just flying a fighter jet, it is also living the extraordinary experience of flying in the French Alps, playing the mountains and ridges and seeing what the fighter plane can deliver. You can check with your fighter pilot what sort of flight you would like, aerobatics, scenic… simply enjoy the ride. You can get more information at Fly a jet fighter.

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