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For long, France has been one of most attractive and fascinating tourist destinations in the world widely renowned for it’s beautiful beaches, ancient monuments, majestic royal French palaces, wine estates, exemplary art works and glorious natural wonders. Officially termed as the French Republic, France is a country that can be broadly divided into two parts. While one part is located in the Western Europe and is termed as the Metropolitan France or Mainland France, the second part includes various offshore islands and territories present in other continents collectively termed as Overseas France or les DOM-TOM. Popularly termed as a Hexagon due to the geometrical shape of the country, Metropolitan France is European Union’s largest country and attracts more than 80 million tourists each year. Mentioned below are some interesting tourist attractions in France that are definitely worth a visit.

Paris – Located on the sides of Seine River, Paris is the capital of France. Despite its sheer magnanimity with respect to size, Paris has always been an enigmatic and captivating destination offering seemingly endless attractions to tourists. The most notable feature of Paris is its well-connected ultra-modern public transportation system, regarded as one of the most highly efficient in the world.

In addition, Paris contains more than 200 art galleries and 80 national, municipal and private museums that provide you a broad glimpse into the history, evolution and development of France. Other significant attractions in Paris include the magnificent Eiffel Tower, the beautiful Cathedral of Notre Dame, Pantheon, Basilica of St. Severin, the Hotel des Invalides that contains the tomb of Napoleon, the grand Arc de Triomphe, Jardin du Luxembourg, Disneyland Resort, Palace of Versailles, and Vincennes Castle. Apart from these, numerous medieval period buildings are present in and around Paris that stand as a representation of glorious French architecture and are worth a look. A trip to Paris is never complete without a boat ride on the Seine River. Paris is also famous for its cafes, restaurants, shopping centers and busy nightlife.

Britanny – Located along the Atlantic coastline, this wonderful place is renowned for its rugged coastline, dangerous sea currents, beautiful beaches, exquisite beach resorts, and extremely efficient fishing industry. The region contains one of the finest natural harbors in Europe. People living in this region are of Celtic origin and still follow traditions and habits that originated during the ancient Celtic period. Brittany, with its rugged surroundings, rocky terrains, flowing canals, wooded hills and narrow valleys, provides a pleasant view of French hinterland. Brittany is even known for its impressive castles, beautiful churches and delicious seafood dishes. The region produces one of the finest butter in the world.

Rhone Alps – Located towards the southeastern part of France, Rhone Alps is one of the most preferred tourist locations in France famous for its picturesque surroundings and scenic beauty. The region attracts millions of tourists each year and offers countless attractions. Lyon, which is the second biggest metropolis in France, is the capital of Rhone Alps region. Here, tourists can enjoy nature in its complete splendor with majestic Alps Mountains, ravishing Rhone waters, beautiful valleys and numerous lakes. The region contains some of the world famous skiing resorts that include Charmonix, and Val d’Isere. Apart from these, the region also contains various national parks, historical sites, museums and cathedrals. Some of the activities that tourists can enjoy in the Rhone Alps region include mountaineering, rock climbing, boating, trout fishing, camping, trekking, skiing, whitewater rafting, caving, bungee jumping, and biking.

Apart from these, France has a number of other tourist attractions that include a trip to the vineyards in Languedoc-Roussillon, the legendary town of Grenoble that takes visitors back into the era of French Revolution, the beauty of Provene and Maussane Les Alpilles , a visit to the cheese caves in Roquefort, the historic city of Lyon and the Annual International Film Festival in Cannes. France is an interesting tourist place offering attractions that suit every taste.

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