France Car Hire!

France is surrounded by Mediterranean Sea in the south, the English Channel and the North Sea in the north-west and is bound by the river Rhine in the east and the Atlantic Ocean in the west. It also has the Alps, the Pyrenees and the Massif Central mountains with prolonged winters and snow fall. France is one of the foremost tourist attractions in the world. Enchanting sea beaches and water sports, snow clad hill stations and winter sports, the French Riviera, the Disney Land, Eiffel Tower, cathedrals, palaces and museums, Versailles Gardens and theatre, Operas, and shopping malls and a lot more is there to attract tourists for sightseeing and leisure and also on business. France is a member of the European Union. France car hire is an important means of transport in Paris and other cities in France. It has a network of outlets spread all over the country connecting all important destinations. The car hire service is available at all important transport junctions and caters to all segments of tourists.

France car hire boasts of a variety of latest modern cars, from compact to large vans and buses. From economical to spacious luxury cars, classified as Economy, Executive, Fun, Green and Prestige Collection. These cars have modern facilities like special seats for children and physically handicapped. They are air conditioned vehicles with direct transmission, and navigation facilities, luggage racks and provision for keeping skiing ropes and apparatus. The hirer enjoys a comfortable and safe ride in a dream car, privileged to have the best car rental price. From time to time discounts and concessions are offered to make rentals cheap and affordable for the hirer.

Their service provided by France car hire begin from providing information regarding availability of cars, their destinations to planning and booking car rentals, providing properly fuelled cars in perfect running condition, and checking the credentials of the visitors. This includes verifications of passports and validity of their driving license and age proof. This ascertains their eligibility as hirers. In addition to these, spelling out the mode of payment of rentals, the grace period permitted, and the documentation of terms and conditions binding on both, the company and the renters are clearly defined. This is a move to prevent any dispute later thereby ensuring a trouble free travel.

France car hire provides safe travel with a second driver if required. They are insured against accident causing injury or death. There is also a provision of 24 hours emergency support .This gives the traveler a sense of financial security and a stress free journey made more enjoyable. It is indeed a privilege to travel in these cars hired for a day a week or on monthly basis. In case the cars are required for a longer duration they are leased out to the renter.

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