Disabled Holidays in Paris

Experience the best that Paris has to offer with our Paris Accessible Holiday Packages. Our Paris Accessible Holiday Packages provide you with the best accessible experiences Paris has to offer. We make sure that your trip will be filled with amazing, fully-accessible experiences.

All of the tips and tricks that a person with a disability needs to visit Paris are included in our Paris accessible holiday packages. Disabled travel to Paris has never been easier!

Paris Disabled Travel Services:

The Paris Disabled Travel Agents at Sage Traveling can provide you with everything you need for an accessible trip to Paris..

Personally-Inspected Accessible Hotel Accommodation

We have personally visited more than 20 accessible hotels in Paris and can recommend the most accessible hotel accommodations options in the prime neighborhoods. Our top recommendations are located near major tourist attractions like the Louvre, Notre Dame, and the Eiffel Tower. We have identified the accessible walking/rolling and bus routes to easily get you from each of the hotels to the major tourist attractions, along with accessible restaurant and shopping locations.

Accessible Transportation in Paris

The tourist attractions in Paris are spread out across the city. Consequently, disabled tourists will need to use wheelchair accessible taxis and busses to get around town.

Our disabled travel agents can arrange private accessible transportation to get you around Paris and take you to Versailles. We can also advise you of all the accessible bus lines that disabled tourists should use to travel between the tourist attractions, letting you know exactly where the bus stops are located. If you need a wheelchair accessible taxi, Sage Traveling can arrange for pick-up at Charles de Gaulle airport or Gare du Nord train station, bringing you directly to your hotel.

Accessible Walking, Rolling, and Driving Tours

To experience the best that Paris has to offer, you’ll want to have a local guide explaining the history behind the Parisian buildings and neighborhoods. We can provide you with a selection of handicapped accessible tours in Paris to choose from…

- 1 hour 15 minute accessible boat tour on the Seine River

- 2 hour accessible bus tour that shows you all of the major Paris tourist sights

- 4 hour private van tour to drive you around town

- 4 hour private walking tour that concentrates on the Latin Quarter neighborhood, the Marais neighborhood, or the Isle-de-la-Cite neighborhood.

Expert Paris Disabled Travel Advice

Which attractions in Paris are accessible? Which ones should you avoid? Where can you find accessible restaurants? We provide our clients with over 100 pages packed with Paris accessible travel advice so you know exactly what you should do and how to make it happen with ease.

Paris Disabled Accessible Travel Packages:

Our accessible travel agents provide an assortment of packages to choose from to meet your specific accessibility needs and budget. We can provide a package for any length of trip and can adjust the details to meet your individual needs.

For more information on Travel Packages and other info Contact us. We will provide you with a quote for your trip. Sage Traveling experts will answer any remaining questions you have about disabled travel to Paris.

We make your dream accessible vacation in Paris a reality!

Sage Traveling provides you with Paris Accessible Holiday Packages that give you everything you need to visit Paris with a disability.

Sage Traveling is committed to providing customized accessible holiday travel for our clients. We deal exclusively in disabled travel to Europe and make it our job to understand all the challenges that disabled travelers may encounter and how to overcome them. Sage Traveling offers comprehensive, detailed, and organized disabled travel information on accessible European tourist attractions, hotels, and transportation.

Let our passion for European travel and research take the stress out of planning your European travel and let us customize a hassle-free accessible holiday for you!