Best of the Best: Disneyland Paris hotels

Thanks to its love for fashion and style, it is home to several renowned designs of the world. In Paris, you get the best- Armanis, Louis Vittons, Hugo Boss, Gucci, and lot more. The popularity of Paris has increased in the last decade due to the establishment of world class hotels and affordable tourist services across the country. Music, food, and fashion go hand in hand in the French Capital.

Louvre. Paris is the most popular museum in Paris. This museum boasts of beautiful cathedrals like the Notre Dame de Paris and the Basilique du Sacré-Coeur. However, the popularity of the Eiffel Tower is unsurpassed till date. Every day, millions of people visit this beautiful monument and mesmerize themselves in its breathtaking view. Disneyland Paris is yet another ‘hit’ with the tourists, especially children. You must remember that Paris has a lot to offer. Hence, it is not possible to capture everything in a day or two. That is why you must first look out for inexpensive hotels in Paris for accommodation.

Paris is everywhere on the Internet. A simple online search would help you track down some of the most popular inexpensive hotels in Paris. If you intend to stay close to Disneyland Paris, staying at cheap Disneyland Paris hotels would be the best bet. Being located close to Disneyland, cheap Disneyland Paris hotels offer free shuttle bus service to the entertainment park. Disneyland Resort tickets allow you to visit Disneyland Paris even during the peak season. You can purchase these tickets from the from the help desk of Disneyland Paris hotels.

Children enjoy a lot while staying at Disneyland Paris hotels. This is because they can mingle with Disney characters at the hotel.  These hotels offer some amazing 5-star amenities. The swimming pools are located in the indoors as well outdoors. The food served by these hotels is simply amazing. You can taste some of the world’s best cuisines here. In my experience, it’s better to book your accommodation at these hotels a few weeks in advance, This rules out the possibility of last-minute booking, and other hassles. You can learn more about Disneyland Paris through the Internet. Located in the eastern suburbs of Paris in a town called in Marne-la-Vallée, this holiday and recreation resort spreads across 4,800 acres. It has two theme parks, seven resort hotels, six associated hotels, a golf course and a railway station.

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