A foodie and cooking holiday in Paris

If you are mad about food and cooking you will definitely love this incredible cooking holiday in France. What’s good about it ? You get to cook at some of the most prestigious cookery schools in Paris: Alain Ducasse, Le Nôtre, Olivier Berté. Enjoy a cooking holiday in France, learning cooking techniques and recipes from some of the best chefs. Cook fine food at the Alain Ducasse cooking school, pastries at Le Nôtre, and molecular dishes in the kitchen of a specialist chef in molecular gastronomy. Explore French food and wines during this cookery holiday in Paris. This is a 5 night food holiday in the heart of French cuisine and gastronomy. Learn and improve your skills, prepare dishes with fresh and seasonal ingredients. And to pair the delicious food, we have added wine tasting courses with some of the best sommeliers in town, as well as a fabulous lunch on a river boat to cruise the Seine River whilst enjoying some of the iconic Parisian landmarks.

This holiday is designed by Tematis, the luxury travel specialist. Check out the cooking classes. Cooking class at Alain Ducasse cooking school. This is a full day cookery class at the cooking school of one of the most chefs in the world, Alain Ducasse. You will learn cooking techniques, but also how to prepare some specific ingredients in order to accomplish fine and delicate recipes. Lessons are done in French but the chef speaks English. There is an English only lesson once a month. The cooking class is done in a friendly atmosphere in small groups of people who love to share their passion for food. The class is delivered by a talented chef working with Alain Ducasse. The school is located in the upscale 16th district of Paris. Then try out Molecular gastronomy: Molecular gastronomy. This class focuses on molecular gastronomy and is delivered by a chef elected as one of the best in France by his pairs. Learn innovative techniques and concepts and prepare original dishes using the techniques of molecular cuisine. The atelier is located in the 2nd district of Paris, and the cooking class is done in small groups of 8, in French and English. The cooking class ends with you relaxing and tasting your menu with the others and the chef. What about Pastries: Pastry class at Le Nôtre. Le Nôtre is one of the famous pastry confectioners in Paris. This cooking class focuses on pastries as you will learn techniques specifically suited for pastries, cakes, ice creams, macaroons and other desserts. The class is done in small groups in French and English and is dispensed at the prestigious Pavillon Elysée, on the Champs-Elysées.

This is an amazing cooking and food holiday in Paris. Follow the link to know more about this Food holiday in Paris.